The Wizard of Oz is the ultimate chick flick: two women trying to kill each other over a pair of shoes, amirite?

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They were cute shoes..

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four, actually: glinda, who stole the shoes, dorothy, who was given the shoes on loan but wont give them back, the witch, who wants the shoes back, and the witches sister, who is dead and griping about how the shoes didnt come with her to the afterlife.

I changed your semicolon to a colon, as it should be. y smilie
d smilie

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It's a super-awesome-secret thing, but maybe if you prove yourself worthy, I will unveil the magic.

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Lots of Wizard of Oz posts today.

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This is 4 posts down from another Wiz. of Oz post. XD lol sorry i just find that amusing, haha :D

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I wouldn't kill anyone over them but I really want them.Those shoes are gorgeous! :)

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What does a film series with whole armies fighting over a piece of jewelry qualify as?

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