I think that whenever the government is in trouble, they hire people to do stupid things to cover it up. "Hey MTV, it's Barack. We need to cover up the fact that the unemployment rate is high and the economy is plummeting. Can you try and take some of the focus away from that? Yeah, pregnant teens and obnoxious idiots should do it. Thanks man.", amirite?

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What's sad is that I can actually imagine Obama doing that. XD

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Haha I love this! XD

P.S. I think this would be a good POTD...just saying(:

Ahh. So that is the reason Jersey Shore was made!

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@Ahh. So that is the reason Jersey Shore was made!

(Haaaaaley (:): Exactly. Also the reason for Jon and Kate Plus 8, Balloon Boy, and the iPad.

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In Texas, employment is up 850,000 jobs! Rick Perry FTW!

Haha nice:) I second the potd idea:)

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I'm glad I have a show on MTV where the people are nicer.

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"-And, also, it'd be perfect if you could make a 3rd Jackass movie in 3D. Yeah, that'd be awesome. Thanks."

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Two birds with one stone... Great job OP

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This is stolen from a Dave Chappelle joke, just changed the words. Nice attempt thoughh

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i really dont like obama and think he is an absolute moron, but he isnt THAT stupid

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This is a good post. Good job OP. However, the .", is really really bothering me.

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it really should be from bush haha

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