Spelling and grammar do matter. If you fail in those departments, then it takes away from the intelligence and readability of your actual content. For example: Speling and gramer do mater. If u r bad in doing these than it takes way frm ur inteligence nd reedbility of ur akchual content. amirite?

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I'm not. Some things (like "lie" and "lay") are to obscure to use correctly, but most things are easy to use correctly, and they even contribute to understanding! It's amazing!

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i hate when people us the word "Dat". its so annoying

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I think if there are small mistakes we should point them out, for example:
Person 1 "my friend died"
Person 2 " My* friend died"

Some times we should just focus on what is being said rather than little mistakes in it,

if it's something like :
"dat name iz so cool"
than i think they're doing it on purpose,
and by pointing it out, it is actually you whose being foolish by wasting your time, and you appear obnoxious.

i allways spell thngs corectily

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Ehh. I think people take spelling and grammar too seriously. As long as it's coherent enough for me to understand, I'm fine.

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