Many people die each day (soldiers, cops, firefighters ect.) and they have much nobler deaths than suicide, why don't they get colored t-shirt day? amirite?

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Soldiers: Memorial Day, Veteran's Day
Cops/Firefighters/Soldiees 9-11; After they are fallen, the county/town they worked for almost ALWAYS remembers them for the following years on the date of them falling.

@Amish_Allosaurus 9-11 is not really a day for all of them, it's just to honor the people who died.

Um, try telling that to the people who honor the soldiers, cops, firefghters, and so forth who went through the rubble, risking, possibly giving up, their lives to dig trough rubble and deal with riots in order for us to be at the point that we can honor the fallen and those who unknowingly had to give up their lives.

@Amish_Allosaurus But that's not for ALL cops ect.

And tomorrow isn't for ALL homosexuals, just to honor those three in particular who took their lives, something that affected the entire LGBT community.

@Amish_Allosaurus I still don't understand why you're glorifying sin.

It might be sin in your eyes because of how you choose to interpret a book, but to me, the only sins committed were by those who harrassed and pushed those three boys to give up on life.

@Amish_Allosaurus I still don't understand why you're glorifying sin.

You cold-hearted jerk. We aren't necessarily glorifying gay people. We are RECOGNIZING the fact that people bullied these people SO MUCH that they took their lives to end it. WHETHER OR NOT being gay is ok, bullying them so much that they kill themselves is the same as killing them, because without what had been done to them they would still be alive.

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@Amish_Allosaurus I still don't understand why you're glorifying sin.

Shut the fuck up. You know that this will just stat arguments and you know that the people who think being gay is fine are NOT gonna change their minds, so just give it up. I'm fucking tired of seeing your comments and posts botching about the same things over and over again. After a certain point you have to realize that NO ONE wants to hear it anymore and move on.

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yeah there r holidays for those. And even tho I think homosexuality is wrong, regardless, its still extremely sad to see lives ended short because of bullying, and people being jerks.

People of those professions get remmberence days as well. It's a horrible thing when people are bullied/murdered/discriminated against because of their sexuality and other people wish to acknowledge that, just let them be.

Because suicide can be prevented.

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Death be not proud.

As terrible as suicide is, it's ultimately their own decision to kill themselves.

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@As terrible as suicide is, it's ultimately their own decision to kill themselves.

Thank you! People seem to be under this crazy notion that it's the bully's fault. Sure, if they hadn't been bullied they probably wouldn't have commited suicide, but if they hadn't commited suicide, they wouldn't be dead.

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