We can vote to decide who runs our country and we can enlist to defend it with weapons of mass destruction, yet we aren't old enough to have a drink. There is something wrong here... amirite?

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So you're old enough to get shot, but not old enough to take a shot.

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so rather than give 18 year old the choice to drink or not, they give them a choice on who runs the country or let them operate firearms... whos to say their brains are or are not developed enough for that

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My math teacher says the drinking age should be 19, as some 18 year olds are still in high school

Not in Canada!! :)

Not in the rest of the world... Speak for yourself.

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If I can legally kill a man, I should be able to get drunk

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If you enlist in the army, there isn't any drinking age restrictions on any bases... Don't want to start anything, just throwing it out there.

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It's not being spoiled. It just doesn't make any sense that you do anything under law (vote, smoke, get married, etc) but you can't drink.

And before you throw me into the category of a "spoiled American kid" for arguing against you, I'm 21 and wasn't even born in the U.S., so it doesn't even affect me.

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hey guess what, americas better than your country so shut the fuck up

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It doesn't matter what age you are to think the law is senseless.

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My friend has a huge rant about all this, and I totally agree. The first time a lot of Americans will have their first drink is when they're on their own, and they don't really have a reliable way to get home. Whereas in Britain, they're allowed to drink at a younger age in public when their parents are around to be around. Also, kids are going to drink it anyway, and over here, it's not totally socially unacceptable to get drunk like it is in many countries.

It's better than making that kind of decision drunk.

People enlisted in the army don't use WMDs. It's not like they hand each soldier a nuke and say "Here you go!"

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theres nothing really wrong with it. because if they let 18s drink there going to be stupid about it. and our brain isnt fully ready for it. look up statistics.

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@theres nothing really wrong with it. because if they let 18s drink there going to be stupid about it. and our brain...

(Josie!): Look at Europe. They're doing just fine with drinking ages under 21. Unlike here, they teach their kids to drink responsibly so they don't act like... Americans.

Besides, 18 year olds who drink wouldn't act any more stupid than 21 year olds now.

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