You wonder if Anthony read MLIA before he made this site, amirite?

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How on earth is this a ripoff of mlia? One tells stories, one tells opinions.

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Oh, I guess that answers my question. You always seem to comment on posts about you, do you have a thing that tells you when a post has the word "Anthony" in it?

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I see.

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Though way back when, the posts on MLIA were actually...average. I'm pretty sure there's one on there that says something like "I ate some toast today. MLIA"

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I really don't understand the rivalry. They're two completely different sites with just as many cliches.

@idk502023 mlia cliches are usually lying. Amirite ones are just repeats.

I honestly don't think one is more annoying than the other. Seeing "Today, I went fishing in Wal-Mart with my pet dinosaur Henry. He told me that Harry Potter beat Twilight in the Yahoo vs. Google war then yelled 'THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!' Best. Dinosaur. Ever? I think so. MLIA" is just as annoying as seeing "Justin Beiber is a girl, amirite?" fifty times.

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Actually I've never thought that.
Just being honest...

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