Every one of us could have some obscure talent that we may never know about, like possessing a sixth sense for detecting poison, being able to play the didgeridoo, or having a knack for communicating with armadillos, amirite?

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I learned a couple of summers ago that I'm a gifted communicator with Desert Squirrels. No joke.

Joesephs avatar Joeseph Yeah You Are +18Reply

I am now determined to find this talent, and embrace it. Make my living of it.
So if some obscure show shows up on TV like- "Radish Whispers- What your vegetables are saying!", that'll be me!

tododapurplecows avatar tododapurplecow Yeah You Are +16Reply

I can talk to inanimate objects but they always threaten to stab me

ASWCCs avatar ASWCC Yeah You Are +16Reply

My obscure ability is the tendency to be swayed by cheesy posts like this. :D

SalientKs avatar SalientK Yeah You Are +14Reply

Hmm... I have never detected poison, so I don't think that's it, I have tried playing the didgeridoo and failed, I haven't however tried communicating with armadillos! I must go try it!

Anonymous +13Reply

I'm sie best Jevish cook ever!!

I have no sense on smell . But I have AMAZING hearing .

I can just glance at things together and tell how many there are without counting them.

i can predict when a song can come on

Ellens avatar Ellen Yeah You Are +8Reply

didgeridoos are awesome

ilikepringless avatar ilikepringles Yeah You Are +7Reply
@ilikepringles didgeridoos are awesome

I have a friend who plays. Also, I have some pretty interesting tongue abilities ;). and by that, I mean that I can spit 15 feet and make a very fast clicking noise that baffles most of my friends.

rapemasterflexs avatar rapemasterflex Yeah You Are 0Reply

I actually have a sixth sense that's NOT one of those three. But its hard to describe.

I have an exceptional gaydar.

Such poise! Such grace! Such talent! XD

monstrositys avatar monstrosity Yeah You Are +5Reply

This sounds like something Lemony Snicket would say _^

I am the cat whisperer.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are +3Reply

didgeridoos arnt as hard to play as u think

Anonymous +1Reply

I can do the third one :P

Anonymous 0Reply
@I can do the third one :P

Eliza Thornberry? Is that you?!

Retoosers avatar Retooser Yeah You Are +21Reply

A knack for communicating with armadillos ? XD

I can ALWAYS smell mold. I can smell it even when people can't see it.

I can predict when a commercial will end.
I know you're all jealous >: ]

I can see everything as music. The indicator on the car is blinking? I can find rhythm in that.

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