A sport is something that has a definitive winner. He finished the race faster, they scored more points, she had the lowest score(golf). An art is something that is judged. She didn't quite have perfect technique, they weren't completely in sync. Therefor, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Diving are all arts. Arts that require physical contioning, but still arts. amirite?

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But you're acting like its a matter of opinion in deciding which athlete gets the highest score. It isn't like judges say "oooh, the second routine was my favorite!!!" Whoever can execute the most difficult moves with the fewest mistakes gets the most points. It is a very strict and matter-of-fact scoring system; trust me.

in gymnastics whoever scored the most points win

Have you ever heard of allstar cheerleading? With a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP that's held every year in orlando? There's tons of competitions and there's definitely a definite winner there.

@ReginaGeorge Have you ever heard of allstar cheerleading? With a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP that's held every year in orlando? There's...

but what is the basis of the evaluation of the winner? There are art competitions everywhere, but you don't call that a sport because there is a winner.

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Its way too much to explain. Basically, there's 5 levels; 1-5. Each level has requirements, and skills you can't do or you get disqualified. You compete against teams in your division (based on age and level) and a panel of judges has a score sheet consisting of difficulty of routine, cleanliness, sharpness of routine and waay more things to get judged on. Not even counting if everything you did stayed in the air or all the tumbling passes were landed correctly. There's a deduction judge who lookes for that and reviews film after everyones competed. Its a completely different world that still today very underground though it started in the 1990's. Its my life, and I'll defend its being a sport everyday. Just youtube "top gun unlimited coed worlds 2010" that should be enough to prove any point about allstar cheerleading being a sport.

But, whatis the definition of cleanliness or sharpness? Is it purely the decision of the judge? because both of those seem to be very ambiguous terms. Where as in something such as football you know if you got over the line which means it's a touchdown. There's no judge that says, "well, his touchdown wasn't as clean or sharp as the other team so he doesn't get as many points." There is no comparison to other teams except the tangible fact that he got over the line. If that makes sense.

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If a sport is something with a definite winner, then gymnastics must be a sport because there is always someone who comes in first place at the competitions...

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@lionanimagus what is the basis for the decision of the winner though? its subjective, not objective

Isn't that what a ref is for in football? He's the judge that makes the judgement based on how the athlete preforms what he did and wether it was within the worthy bounds of getting the points. That's why plays get challenged and refs have to talk on the side to make a judgement call on occasion

At Cheer competitions the judges score you based on Gasp POINTS!!!

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Competitive cheer

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