Why do people post a whole photo album of just themself calling it 'me' on Facebook? Is it like we forgot what you looked like so you have to put fifty-million photos up? amirite?

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Especially if you haven't seen them for a while and they've changed a lot, you can look at the older photos and know you've got the right person. Also people who change their appearance a lot have to update their photo regularly. It does really annoy me when people post many almost identical photos they took of themself on the same day though.

Yeah, that's their profile picture or just a random few but I'm talking about those people who have about 300 photos of themself and only themself with the same poses. Also I see these people have about 400 friends and it really doesn't have to be like that, lol :P I have about only 40 random pictures of me usually with different friends or in different places. That's enough really. Haha

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It can be kinda helpful if they friend request you and you know what they look like already, but not their name. It happens to me a lot...

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