Halloween would be really fun if there were actually tricks once in awhile instead of treats, amirite?

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'knock knock'
trick or treat!!
'takes all there candy and slams the door'

I was once walking up the stairs to a house, and there was a string tied to the railings across from each other, and I tripped on it and inside the house was a giant group of asians and they all laughed at me.

Last year this kid hid in a tree and when you went to the door you got candy and then the kid would jump out of the tree and land like a foot in front of you. It was so scary but so funny.

Halloween would also be fun if police couldn't be called on you for egging someone's house.

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youve never egged someones house for being out of candy? D:

mischief night?

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the trick is the costume you tard

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