Ok this is the 21st century nobody spells anything correctly anymore it's so fucking annoying how people keep commenting on how you abbreviate or accidentally miss spell things get a life people, amirite?

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I feel as if this is aimed toward me and the others who commented on the poor English in your last post...


Oops I sent that twice my bad.

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Ok I'm sorry I already said that I'll start spelling things correctly

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im ok with spelling but grammar can screw me up a lot.

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No one spells anything correctly? I guess a majority of this site belongs to nobody. Generalizations are NOT excuses. It's not that hard to type correctly.

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Wow, I came to read your posts because I'd never seen your name and you're kind of a dick. It doesn't matter what century it is, spelling shit incorrectly and using improper grammar makes you look like an uneducated ass.

At least use correct punctuation.

Nah. I appreciate good grammar when it comes to things like distinguishing between your and you're or miss spell and MISSPELL

Ok y'all I just found out about this site on Sunday and I didn't realize how important spelling was so everyone just chill their balls and stop bashing on me!!! Please!!! Jesus christ

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