I hate it when girls say "Without girls, there will be no humans in this world" Well, yeah true, so you're saying you don't need a man to reproduce? amirite?

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I have never heard a girl say that. You need to hang out with smarter people.

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Ha, my psychology teacher just mentioned today that men are no longer needed due to cloning. I mean yeah, there'd be less variety and a lot more incest, but technically women could survive on their own if they wanted to.

@yesimrite then that technically mean that men can also survive on their own

Technically, we can only clone a baby animal in vivo, so we'd still need a mother. Also, we're not advanced enough to clone humans.

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@Geoff Actually, you can make a human without a mother, you just need an egg.

The zygote has to develop within the uterus in order to survive. You can fertilize in vitro, but the baby can only be born if, well, it's born.

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Who is to say we can't make an artificial womb?

I've got it: We have every man give sperm once they turn 18, then take them somewhere were we enslave them and have them do all the dirty work (or we could kill them off, but let's at least get some use out of them). Then whem women are ready to get pregnant, they go to the sperm bank. If their kid is male, he'll grow up with his mom (but he'll go to a special boy's school where they teach him the skills he'll need for the work once he turns 18), and when he turns 18, he gives sperm and then goes to work or dies, etc. See?? It would totally work!

(I obviously do not think this is a good idea. I happen to kinda like guys, when they're not being TOO stupid.)

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Most girls stopped saying that once they realized what sex was...

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1) Figure out how to get female eggs back to their original, embryonic state
2) Have embryonic cells develop into sperm
3) Lesbians
5) ???

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and no matter what, a human infant can only grow inside the womb...

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No, that's NOT what they're saying.

I hate to bust your bubble, but most girls aren't stupid. Quit trying to prove something that isn't true.

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Most girls probably meant don't take them for granted.

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women can repoduce without men now. scientists have invented 'frankinsperm' or something... basically it's artificial sperm. and apparantly it actually works. thus eliminating the need for men :)

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well if men where to suddenly die out u could just go to one of those sperm places where guys donate sperm and yeeaaah :P

@That would only last so long.

some of the babies they'd have would be guys

@528491 some of the babies they'd have would be guys

No, sex chromosomes in women are both X's. So you can only have a baby with XX. So thats a girl. Theres no Y to make a boy.

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I've just finished a module on human embryos. I've been studying same sex fertilisation for a semester.

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Wow. Thats embarrassing. :/

Kidding then.

A species of lizard was found and it turns out the breed only has females and they reproduce asexually.

Thanks to cloning, you can now make a baby all by yourself.

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If you graft two eggs together in a laboratory, you can get a viable zygote. :)

You can only have girls though, because you can only get XX for the sex chromosomes.

Ok, my friends friend had a twisted plan about this. It involved killing all the men... while you're having sex with them. Yeah.
Also, there is a lizard that can reproduce a-sexually.

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