At first, you wanted to be a mod...that was, until you realized everyone hates them anyways, and it doesn't make you cooler, amirite?

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WE enjoy it. We moderate and people hate us because they don't approach the subject with intelligent thought. Not our fault. Also, not everyone hates us. Most haters are posers, and the real haters end up leaving.

What toto & coday said
Most people hate us for iggnorant reasons
Imo, the biggest reason is post deletion :|

So you want to do something to make you cool?
That means that you are uncool.
That means you are trying to get people to like you.

No being a mod Doesn't make you cool, nobody ever said that. The only reason people hate us is because they don't understand what we have to do. We don't delete things because we don't like them, we do it because we have to. It's not our faults everyone is pissy, it's their fault for not following the rules.

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