The majority of Monopoly games end with someone getting pissed,flipping the board and calling the other player(s) names. It's just a game that will never end well,amirite?

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You're a dirty whore, grandma!

If you think that a normal game of Monopoly takes a long time, you should hear about the time where I convinced the other players to introduce socialism into the game. It took forever!

I don't think I've ever actually finished a game of Monopoly with out a) somebody flipping over the board, b) instituting new, weird rules, or c) going to get food and never coming back.

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Never have I ever ended a game of Monopoly like this. All games Ive played, we have ended like normal people- just getting so bored that at least 1 person is laying all over the board & finally just deciding to do something more fun.

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Or the game just never ends.

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...and there's always my personal favorite, the "I hope the gas in your hotel blows up and you die" person.

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