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You are an idiot. It's basically the same as not getting pregnant. They have laws that say by the time it is a baby (eyes, mouth, heart) it is illegal to abort it.

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Can't you realize that the OP is joking? Many Republicans are pro-life but also pro-death penalty. But it's hypocritical because they're basically saying that it's OK to kill criminals but not fetuses. Hence, ridiculous. Hence, the joke.

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how do you possibly justify not letting a woman make her own decision when it comes to her own body?

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never know with a lot of these types >.< I'm hoping it's a troll.

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Ah, accurate and easy to remember. I like it.

Hey, just to get this straight. What if the mother would die if she kept the baby? What if it would be born with such bad complications it wouldn't live past a month? There are several good reasons, and it's ultimately up to the baby's mother. Which is not you.

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Aborting it IS killing it you hypocritical faggot. That's the point I'm trying to make. Stupid.

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Also, may I add: You say killing a criminal is fine? Since when does a criminal's life have less value than a fetus's? You're a fucking hypocrite.

Sure, people like serial killers are horrible, but a lifetime prison sentence would suffice.

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Lifetime in a prison cell is better revenge, since being trapped in a cell for 60+ years, to many, is worse than death.

@Do babies commit crimes? No.

So let me ask you this, then. If you knew that a certain fetus would develop into a baby that would eventually become a serial killer, would you abort it? Or would you just let the serial killer do his thing, and then serve your irrational form of justice and hypocrisy?

If you agree to abort it, then it makes you even more of a hypocrite than the original post did. If you don't, then you agree to let a person kill another person (or multiple people, since this is a serial killer) just so that you can enact your revenge. In my opinion, the latter would make you just as bad as the murderer.

you are not killing a baby, you're killing a fetus. Big difference.

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