When you get betrayed, really betrayed, it is deeper than anger, its sorrow, its disappointment and confusion. Its that feeling of hot swooping anger, your knees feeling like they are about to give out and feeling sick to your stomach. Betrayal makes you want to curl up in a ball and just cry. amirite?

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Somebody got classic humped and dumped.

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@Somebody got classic humped and dumped.

@769017 (Twitchey): @768937 (IUzaki):You guys are mean.

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I actually know this feeling. It gets better with time though.

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<3 stay strong dear

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This is deep<3
Nice job explaining the feeling!

</3 so true. just....wow. so true </3

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doesnt make me wanna cry nd shit

makes me feel like goin on a stabbin spree

This is very TRUE.

this made me want to throw up.

Are you talking about betrayals on Halo Reach? Cause sometimes i feel like that too :P

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Chill the fuck out.

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