Everyone is always talking about the Illuminati and doing the hand thing with the triangle, but not many even know what it REALLY is, amirite?

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I know what a triangle is

What triangle thing?

Halp, the Illuminati be threatenin' our rappers! D:

THANK YOU. A few kids at school are driving me nuts with this "Illuminati" stuff, and I'm in INDIA! That's what the internet and YouTube can do you for you. Sigh

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YES! it doesn't make any sense. Every time someone talks to me about the Illuminati, they always tell me to watch videos on youtube. They don't even know that "Illuminati" means "Enlighten" in Latin -.-

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but it's true

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the illuminati never orginated worshiping the devil

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I will admit I don't, all I know is it's something about conspiracy shit but when I ask people they say "I can't explain it" making me think they don'y even know

What's the Illuminati?

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