Itd be interesting to know why some people choose the screen names they use, amirite?

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When I was little I played a character named Biondello in a play.
I'm a girl but I played a dude. Idk, I like the name and it was a fun part to play.

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How did you choose KelsmoZip? seems kinda random...

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@How did you choose KelsmoZip? seems kinda random...

see? exactly my point! its been my screen name since 5th grade since my mom made my email and my friends call me kelsmo so it just stuck :)

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My mom thought emo was the same thing as nemo the fish, so my friends started calling me "nemo" b/c apparently i wear alotta black, so JustKeepSwimmingNemo basiclly means to keep going with life, even when u feel emo :)

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