Guys: You'd love to have a girlfriend you can play video games with, amirite?

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Girls: you’d like to play video games with your boyfriend sometimes, amirite?

Yeah, but you guys hate it when we actually beat you.

i wanna boyfriend who is man enough to ask me if i wanna play video games...

I let my girlfriend win when we're playing. xD

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My boyfriend and I play video games all the time. Assassin's Creed, DDR, Dead Space, Bio Shock and Bio Shock 2....

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I'm a gamer girl...

Having a girlfriend that plays video games is quite awesome, mine actually has more gamerscore than me >.>

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I'm one of those chicks O_o

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This is actually not as uncommon as people seem to think. Me and me boyfriend have beat halo (a couple of them not all), max payne, max payne 2, and assassin's creed and I know a lot of over girls who play video games.

I play video games and a few of my friends do too.

I actually played and completed a game 100% for my boyfriend lol

My girlfriend and I play Yu-gi-oh.

My girlfriend plays video games, but she sucks.

@NinjaPenguin My girlfriend plays video games, but she sucks.

She sucks at video games. I thought I should clarify.

I wish my boyfriend and I could play video games together. But we only have one computer, and no multiplayer xbox games that are fun.

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