If black people are properly termed as African Americans, why arent white people called Irish Americans, German Americans, British Americans, etc, amirite?

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Not all African people are black, not all black people are Americans, and not all black people are from Africa. "African-American" fell out of favor for these reasons like 5-10 years ago.

because apparently we all look the same. hahaa. :]

peace & love.

cuz africas a continent, not a country like ireland. white people are "caucasian" but no one really says that. so the person above is absolutely right. that isn't racist.

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i know several black guys who are also of irish descent...i kind of wish they'd ask people to call them irish-american

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They are. . .

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cause they are the blacks slaves that came from africa, doofus. not all whites came from america.

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