Victoria Justice is smokin, amirite?

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Please be eighteen...please be eighteen...DAMMIT.

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shes skinny as hell

Her characters annoy me to no end, but yes, she's really hot.

I sort of miss her on "Zoey 101", but I still can't stop watching Victorious. Dan Schnieder knows how to made a guilty pleasure show.

Her friend Kat is fine as hell too.

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wait, literally?

She's got a rocking body, nice tits

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She's bony and weird.

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Yes. Exactly like my coughi'm a girlcough dick.

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@yay_im_wrong cough cough you're jealous cough cough

Why would I be jealous? At least I can put my arms in the air and not worry about poking somebody's eye out with my elbows.

I'd tap that

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