Of the 7 hours that you spend in school, you probabaly spend a total of only 45 minutes actually learning or doing work, amirite?

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Somebody's in middle school.

@Kianglo Somebody's in middle school.

Nope S@789135 (Kianglo): Nope, sophomore, but I basically sleep or don't listen in class which usually doesn't matter because it's easy as fuck. And for my PreAP classes I just teach myself at home.

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@Kianglo Your junior year will be fun.

Hahaha I know it's gonna get a lot harder when I get out of PreAP and start AP...which is why I'm just chillin' for now.

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I spend 8 hrs and 10 minutes in school, and I think I spend more than forty five minutes learning!

Wait until college, where if you're in class, you're working.

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