You've taken a drink from your refrigerator by just using your mouth at least once, amirite?

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i do it all the time

ivan_fourtwentys avatar ivan_fourtwenty Yeah You Are +5Reply

Well I kept trying to pick it up but couldn't get it over my head.

or at least 300 times

MikePullams avatar MikePullam Yeah You Are +2Reply

No... but oddly enough, I want to try it now.

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It's just me and my mom at home so I do this every time I want a drink of something.

wobbuffets avatar wobbuffet Yeah You Are 0Reply

I taught my little sister to do that when we were younger, apparently.

I don't know about you, but I don't drink FROM my refrigerator. From beverages inside? Yes. From the actual refrigerator? No.

I have never heard of this before, but I just tried it. Pretty awesome.

CrazyKKs avatar CrazyKK Yeah You Are -1Reply
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