Most Catholic kids are most un-Catholic, amirite?

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This is pretty true. Most of them are as far from the "good wholesome Christian" stereotype as possible.

But, you have to consider that although Catholics are often portrayed as "good families" most Catholic families are lower-middle class, and come from Low Social Economic areas.

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To be honest, the most realistic portrayal of a Catholic family that I've seen on TV would be the family from Malcolm in the Middle.

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I can't say for sure. I know catholic kids can be like that, but so can a lot of protestant kids. Plus, my mom went to catholic church as a kid (goes to Episcopal church now) and she was never one of the "unruly" kids.

I suppose you are right, but the the thing is, I don't know any Catholic kids that are of the lower class or actually try to persue the religion O_O maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places.

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