Girls are more intelligent than boys in general, amirite?

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One thing that really opened my eyes is when my math teacher said that she thinks guys are slightly more smarter.She then had an expirement in which first she took a survey on who thought which gender was smarter and the girls won because of the class being more female and having doubting males then she made 2 teams.The guys worked on one team and the girls the other but the guys won not nessecarily because of intelligence but guys act like it was a challenge while the girls didn't so much.She then explains that guys think from the brain with strageties while girls think from their heart with care. So it isn't so much as one gender is smarter all around but one gender is smarter in one subject of life while the other another subject of life. The topic is very debatable though so there really is no clear answer.

Ah yes what a awesome blanket statement for such a complicated subject.

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@Ah yes what a awesome blanket statement for such a complicated subject.

Not to mention this kind of stuff only hurts mens respect over women.

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Only the ones who get a PhD in Sammichology.

Has anyone seen the category this was posted in?

@stepdom i have seen it but what is your point

Sorry but maybe I shouldn't have used the word 'intelligent'. My point was more about academic proficience. I meant usually girls have a tendancy to be brighter at school because there are less deviant factors that affect them compared to boys, if I can put it like that.

Intelligence is pretty even, actually, but I'm positive that girls/women are infintely more practical than guys/men.

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