Mad cow disease started by cows eating other cows, without knowing it. The zombie apocalypse is going to start by some food company, like Spam or something, either accidentally or purposely putting human meat in their food and then people across the world will eat it without knowing what it is that they're eating, amirite?

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That already happens. Read fast food nation :P

Its like that one old movie, "soyent green" or somethhing like that, lol ima bad speller hah

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it's like Sweeny Todd...freaky

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I don't like spam :P
Cookie for anyone that gets the reference

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BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nom gwar nom nom slurp gwar

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They already sell human meat.

lol i know it's exactly like that movie!

...and THAT is why i'm a vegetarian.

Actually, this all ready happened in the....I don't remember....1940's? When workers had little rights. Especially at a meat processing factory. Sometimes the workers would fall into the vats of meat, be grounded up, and the next thing you know, you're eating human meat! ((This doesn't happen anymore by the way....at least....I don't think it does with all the new sanitation laws passed.))

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got that right, anon.

Yeah, that what the book The Jungle was about. We not eating people but the awful consitions in which meat was processed. To stop it we should all go veggie!!

Lol, since when zombie = mad human?

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