The english isshu pokemon names are kind of lame compared to the original ones thanks to some people who decided that the names "Pokabu", or "Mijumaru" weren't cool enough for America. amirite?

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You mean unova, not isshu. I hate all the English names.

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They change it so that it can have the same effect in America, like mijumaru translates roughly to water-otter (I think it's otter, I'm more certain about the water part). So fo America they make similar names. Past examples, charmander= charred+salamander. Tepig would be a tepid pig. It's not exactly genius, I know, but it's how they do things.

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you do realize they change the names for a shit load of pokemon depending on the launguage like choose one of the 492 pokemon and type it into bulbapedia scroll to the bottom and you see that the names are different

I don't mind Mijumaru changing into Oshawott. But Pokabu into Tepig and Tsutarja into Snivy.....GAY. Isshu into Unova....I can live with it.
At least they let Zorua, Zoroark, Reshiram, and Zekrom keep their names.

I don't mind.

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