smart phones kind of killed the scenario or being stuck on a desert island. it's like..."oh no! oops never mind there's an app for this", amirite?

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Too bad you won't have a signal... or a phone charger.

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i dunno...phones can seem to get signals just about anywhere nowadays if you spend enough on your plan

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I don't think an app would've helped the people on Lost all that much.

And what app is that exactly?

@madeoflavayo And what app is that exactly?

Not sure XD I don't have a smartphone. But there are apps where you could get your exact coordinates via satellite, and then there's this cool app called "calling" where you could tell someone what those coordinates are so they can find you. The signal and charge are definitely a valid point though.

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Not like it would take that long to make the call though, the battery wouldn't be an issue unless it was already dead.
Also, the signal thing wouldn't be a problem either really if you're outside, on an island.

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