Girls: Its funny that dresses used to be uncomfortable and jeans were considered comfortable, but now we make jeans so tight that dresses are considered comfortable, amirite?

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I feel uncomfortable if my jeans aren't tight..

Lindss avatar Linds No Way +8Reply

not all jeans are that tight, get a different kind

@guineasaurusrex not all jeans are that tight, get a different kind

But it's hard to find pairs that aren't super tight. A lot of the time, even when it says "regular-fitting", the jeans are still tight. It's getting really hard to find a regular pair of non-super-tight jeans anymore...

Moonshoes170s avatar Moonshoes170 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I hate wearing tight jeans. I tried it once, but it drove me crazy.

FlashDeliriums avatar FlashDelirium Yeah You Are +3Reply

It's better than those short-shorts in the middle of winter. I mean, who seriously is stupid enough to wear them??

Anonymous +2Reply

I wear tight jeans every day...I honestly don't think they're that uncomfortable.

Anonymous +2Reply

I always wear tight jeans, they're actually pretty comfortable.

Pajamas are the best :)

Anonymous +2Reply

Either that or BITCH GOT FAT.
Joking. But really.

StaceysDads avatar StaceysDad Yeah You Are +1Reply

ugghhhh i hate having to put on tight jeans...so i did buy more dresses!

Anonymous 0Reply

Casual sundresses are actually really nice and comfy in the summer! :) I like wearing them, sometimes.

Moonshoes170s avatar Moonshoes170 Yeah You Are 0Reply

I love wearing tight jeans, but they kind of get a little bit uncomfortable after wearing them for 8 hours. so, I usually just put on shorts or something after school. but, yeah. you can't go wrong with dresses! ;D

Erins avatar Erin Yeah You Are 0Reply

i love my jeans. dresses, no.

Anonymous 0Reply

lol thats why i bought myself jeggings...not not the ugly kinds but the kind that look like actual jeans and just have a bit more spandex.

mylifeisflys avatar mylifeisfly Yeah You Are 0Reply

Girls: you're all just mad because you don't look sexy in skinny jeans.

first homepaged post :D

Anonymous 0Reply

Ugh, I hate tight jeans. Btw, they're nothing new; it's just recycled 60's, 70's and 80's fashion. But I was always a skater chick and wideleg jeans are just what makes me happy; believe me, you don't look fat when your t-shirt is tiny, even if you wear big pants. =P I can wear skinnies, I just think they look ridiculous.

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