Dogs have beards all over, amirite?

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Is he wearing a slick jacket and gold watch?

Walruss avatar Walrus Yeah You Are +1Reply

Aha, only the cool kids got this(:

mahnamahnas avatar mahnamahna Yeah You Are +1Reply

This dog has an actual beard. He's mine. His name is Shadow. www.ctrlv.in/8940

Anonymous 0Reply

thats a song title from the devil wears prada (band not movie) :D

Anonymous 0Reply

the devil wears prada....band...is fucking awesome! =]

Puffy_Cupcakes avatar Puffy_Cupcake Yeah You Are 0Reply

TDWP sucks so much. n smilie

Clay_s avatar Clay_ No Way 0Reply

TDWP«33 :D

Anonymous 0Reply

Hey! John? What's your name again?

SongOfNyxs avatar SongOfNyx Yeah You Are 0Reply
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