It's really irritating when people use large words, just to make themselves sound more intelligent. I can be just as smart as you, but I know how to simplify my statements. Amirite?

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I'll choose a bigger word if it more precisely conveys my point. I'm not pretentious, but I'm not going to dumb myself down for acceptance, either. I've been called stuck up on this site before for no other reason that having a large vocabulary, and it's always funny.

The exertion of a multifarious vocabulary saturated with a multitudinous plethora of voluminous words substantiates one's acumen.

In a way, you can simplify your statements with big words. More little words turns into direct words

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I don't mind, as long as they can deal with me asking what particular words mean throughout the conversation. I had a friend like that in middle school, and I know a lot more words now thanks to her.

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