Why do teen couples say "I love you" to their partner after a few days or a couple weeks, it is almost impossible to fall in love with somebody over a matter of hours, days, weeks, and even months sometimes. And people are just throwing it around! People say I shouldnt throw around the word hate, because hate is a strong word, in that sense, what the hell is love, amirite?

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Because what they really feel for them is infatuation but if you say "I infatuate you," you'd sound like a pervert.

Long post is long.

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@Lostman Long post is long.

Long post makes a validpoint :P

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@Lostman Long post is long.

Haha I didn't realize it was you, you changed your name?

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Sometimes there's no better way of explaining how you feel O-o

Having said that, I definitely agree that the majority of teen couples are just there to satisfy some hormonal desires they have and really haven't got the kind of emotional attachment that warrants saying 'I love you'.

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