It must be awkward to be the lawyer of a guy who's obviously going to jail- "My client, who was caught stuffing weed into the mouth of a disabled veteran he knocked to the ground with a lawn gnome, after that stripping him, drawing lewd remarks on his body and then sending a picture of him to all of his contacts does not deserve life in prison... fuck it. send this guy to prison. NOW." amirite?

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Actually, nowadays, lawyers would back anyone up if they had enough money. -.-

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It's not necessarily "oh I'm going to make you not go to jail" because sometimes that person IS going to jail. In that case, Lawyers have to e like "Okay, let me see if I can get you LESS time in jail."

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"My client, who was caught on film killing and having sex with petting zoo animals while children were watchi-you know what, screw this, I'm going home."

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You chose to have him stuffing weed into the guy's mouth? I'm pretty sure actually smoking it has higher consequences with the law..

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Pepole just shouldnt go to jail for weed anyway, its a violation of personal freedom

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Chewbacca defense.

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