Few things in life feel worse than that split second just before you vomit. amirite?

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you're body trying to force you to vomit when you have nothing in you to vomit is pretty terrible

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While you're getting stabbed

@aild3891 While you're getting stabbed

I personally have a massive phobia of vomit and vomiting. There are few things worse than it, and I doubt stabbing is one of them.

Besides, you can go into survival mode after being stabbed and go batshit insane on whoever stabbed you. That's pretty badass.

While you're vomiting.

Seeing as I just recently got over food posioning, this post is bringing back some wonderful memories.
But I can relate to this post on a personal level which is good... i guess...

One of those things is the ten preceding minutes of horrible bowel pain. I prefer the actual vomiting, as it means relief.

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