There are some people at your school who you call by their first name and last just because it sounds better, amirite?

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Callaway Sprinkle. His full name is just too awesome to not say.

We have a kid at my school whose name is Brian Wangle. Everybody calls him by his first and last. And his name is Wangle. Haha........wangle........

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I have 5 Austins in my Spanish class, so it's pretty mandatory to call them by their first and last.

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People call me by my first and last name because it just flows

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Jeff Carl! I can't call him just Jeff.

Steve Holt!

Stephen Stills from Scott Pilgrim! People who read it understand. Yeah they do...

I call my friend from her last name 'Little' or last name first initial 'Little C'(: Ex, "Hey, don't talk smack about mah Little!" or "Yo, Little C, give me a pencil!"

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Juan Antonio Legaspi.... nvm

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Davis Burk, Luke Lammers, Kara Kim

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