How Science Works: One group/person discovers something or makes a breakthrough, and then most their colleagues try to prove them wrong... over and over, generation after generation- the idea isn't accepted as fact until it's absolutely proven. Supporting something without proof is counter to everything science is, therefore, the idea that science is "lying" to us is pretty stupid, amirite?

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Especially when people say fossils are a lie.
I understand if you don't agree with evolution, but there are fossils...

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That's true; the very fact that we refuse to move beyond the "theory" stage in many cases is just more proof that science does not, indeed, lie. It was never "science" that claimed the world was flat. That was superstition; people went on what seemed to make sense, not what they hypothesized and tested. However, once something has reached the "theory" stage, it's safe to say that there's been some evidence of it's credibility... some things, we just can't be certain of yet.

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You're right. But there are things that people classify as science that can't rightfully be classified as such.

The problem is that since not everything is accepted as fact that is discovered recently (theories and whatnot) but still taught at school (labeled as a theory), a lot of people decide "oh it must be true, science says so" when science doesn't say that at all. It says it's plausible. So really it's just stupid people who mostly say science lies. Except if course when something turns out wrong, like the world being flat XD

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That may be true, but I'm curious about what you're referring to.

My post is a rebuttal against certain users who like to call scientists and the people who teach what they learn in it's pure form "liars", while lending great credence to anything that supports their own ideas, regardless of source and evidence- or lack thereof, more like.

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The way you brag, you'd better be packin serious heat, dude. =P

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René Descartes, the philosopher who said to doubt everything until proven, would disagree with you on that. He was the one who said, "I think, therefore I am."

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