I hate how people say other people are gay or retarded as a joke but they would never had the brave or courage to go up to someone gay or retarded and make fun of them, amirite?

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Just because someone says gay or retarded as a synonym for stupid does not mean that they are using it on purpose to be hateful towards homosexuals and the mentally challenged...this is called "oversensitive". not everyone says it with ill feelings toward those people.

Retarded-- maybe, gay, people don't hesitate. People... all types of people get bullied, being retarded or gay doesn't make one an exception. Like 6 gay boys killed themselves over bullying in the past months, so I'm pretty sure someone had the "courage" to make fun of them. And retarded kids get bullied all the time.

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Um, I pretty sure bullying gay teens has been a big issue as of late

ok ok ok i get it i agree with you guys

Making fun of people doesn't require "courage"; more like tactlessness and ignorance. Also, I'm with the other commentors in that using those words in no way means the person actually disrespects gays or mentally handicapped people. Besides, my gay friends call certain types of things "gay"; my friend BadKitteh explains it as something like... a descriptor for things that would most likely appeal to teenage girls and nelly gayboys. Not stupid, necessarily.

I like to say "remedial" instead of "retarded". I think I stole it from a movie.

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