Homosexuality could wipe the humans off the earth, you might hate me for this, but I've got a solution, be gay just ensure that you have sex with a woman at the same time, amirite?

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Not everyone needs to have children right now, we have way too many people on this earth already.

@oink Not everyone needs to have children right now, we have way too many people on this earth already.

we don't have too many people, we just need to reposition them strategically...

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@we don't have too many people, we just need to reposition them strategically...

NO SHIT we have too many people. pick up a newspaper every once in a while you ignorant douche bag.

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HAHAHHAHAA. No, we need the world to STOP having kids like you.

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1. We have far too many people on Earth as it is.
2. Gays can still have biological children using artificial means.
3. Even if gays couldn't have kids, they make up a very small fraction of the population, so they don't affect the birth rate very much.
4. Even without all of the things I just said, you couldn't make a gay man have sex with a women just because you think it's for the greater good. That would be like telling you to have sex with a guy because I think it's for the best. You wouldn't do it.

homosexuality = form of contraception. just what the earth needs. :)

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please gtfo our earth.

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Haha, not EVERYONE is going to turn gay and not procreate.

Im pretty sure not using alternative energy is going to wipe us off this earth before nobody starts having babies.

If gays and lesbians want kids, they can adopt or get a sperm donor. They don't need to have kids and the earth is very populated.

I didn't realise that there were 6.8 billion gay people on Earth.

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Why have sex with someone when a gay man can just donate sperm and the lesbians can buy the sperm?

Yeah this was just a really dumb post.

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Homosexuality is actually a very good solution for overpopulation.
Maybe everything does happen for a reason, because homosexuality is becoming increasingly and conveniently popular as the Earth gets too crowded. Humans ruined the Earth anyway.

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Did you stop to think about the infertile straight people that exist?

There's a lot more strait people, so unless everyone was gay, there will still be new humans

This is so stupid.
We already have far too many people on earth right now. There are so many children who are already alive who don't have parents or homes. And if we do ever go extinct, it's probably for the better.

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Oh yeah, because the human race is in danger of going extinct.

This was stupidest things I've ever read.

I Think That's Called Being Bi O.o.

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Yea, that works. Seeing as how the world is so over populated now... When you think about it, Gays are just helping out with the over population :)

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The worlds maximum capacity is technically 6 billion people, and we have exceeded it. So gay people can definitely do what they want without fear of human extinction...

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We Need gays to keep the population down :D

Troll is trolling guys; don't feed the troll.

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we have a lot of [people... look at this... Image in content

@GeneralPain we have a lot of [people... look at this...

Asia... lol. Dang, there getting it on over there.

Lets say we take the theory that homosexuality is genetic, genes are passed to offspring which in turns creates more homosexuals. Let them be who they want to be. It's not like the worlds gonna end. Also, relocating people won't help population problems.

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