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Awesome commercial. Mediocre post.

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My wife says that I may well turn into Kevin Bacon.

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@My wife says that I may well turn into Kevin Bacon.

(Kevin Bacon): Heheh...let's hope so!

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I love that commercial! At first I thought it was really weird but then halfway through I realized it was Kevin Bacon. That made weirder yet more understandable at the same time.

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My wife says that if i watch anymore Kevin Bacon movies, I'll turn into Kevin Bacon.

fingers crossed!

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For those who don't get it: YouTube video thumbnail

Wild things = best Kevin Bacon film

That commercial was really good XD

I loved how the guy got he commercial was actually Kevin Bacon! He's a good actor :D

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who is kevin bacon, lol.

@SamanthaJackson who is kevin bacon, lol.

he is an actor. In many movies such as footlose. Etc

@SamanthaJackson who is kevin bacon, lol.

An actor with a very unique nose. Image in content

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