Jock straps were made 100 years before helmets. Way to get your priorities straight guys, amirite?

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dick...or head? dick...or head? DICK!

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This is not true, and is also a repeat.
Good failing OP

That man was a genius!
He didn't think with his head,
He thought with his penis.

'ey, wouldn't you lke to protect the thing that get's hurt the easiest, that you feel the sharpest? Atleast when you get serious head injuries, you're to brain damaged to realize it! lol

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I don't care if this is a repeat, on facebook etc. I love the way it's worded y smilie

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The Vikings wore helmets... and some gladiators too.

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Let me tell you, because of this I know our priorities are 110% straight, thank you very much.

I think I saw this on Blank Dear Blank.

You also copied it wrong. Jockstraps were supposedly used in hockey 100 years earlier. Jockstraps were created in 1888 where military helmets have been used since the end of the 1600's.

for the record, this wasnt a facebook repost. i got it on omg facts ;)

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Repeat. Also not true.

but they were right

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