Amirite crashed on 12/11/10. whoa. amirite?

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Good god. I see no other reasoning behind this than a conspiracy. Now this might be far fetched, but bear with me for a moment. 12,11, 10: those are numbers. Numbers is a television show that I've never seen. Scene sounds like the word "seen." Movies are made up of scenes. "UP" is a movie that I can see from where I'm sitting. Up means high, as opposed to low. Low would imply being close to the floor. Floor rhymes with door. Doors are made of wood. One type of wood is mahogany. Mahogany has the word "hog" in it. Bacon is made from hogs. Kevin Bacon is an actor. I just lost seven degrees to Kevin Bacon because I didn't make this reference soon enough. LOST is a television show. HOLY CRAP: Amirite.net must be purgatory.

did it really??

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