You've teared up at those commercials with the dogs and cats in shelters and the really sad song, amirite?

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No, but I've broken my hand diving for the remote, trying to change the channel.

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Angel by Sara Mclachlen or however you spell her last name. It is a sad song :/

Yeah, Angel by Sarah McLachlan, with the poor little animals...saddd.

It makes me feel so heartless.

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My cousin, who was terminally ill with CF, got to see Sarah McLachlan in concert through the Make A Wish Foundation's program. My cousin died a couple weeks ago, and I'll never be able to watch that commercial again without sobbing. I just hope it helps the ASPCA get donations.

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I change the channel! Those commercials are too sad for me to watch!

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Call me heartless, but I don't...

Not really, I just think how easy it'd be to have a big community barbecue and kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak

i usually scream "fuck you sarah mclachlan" and change the channel.

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Uhm no, cuz I'm not a lil bitch

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