Rain rain go away, come again on mile day. amirite?

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Lucky you. We still have the mile.

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Cross country runners: mile-repeats day, amirite?

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@Brett what.

dude those things sucks. i remember one bad one we had 2 days before an important meet. everybody on our team had something happen to them at that workout

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It rained all week... except our mile day. Literally no exaggeration. It was sunny. California sucks.

One mile is nothing for me. I'm not actually tired by the end.

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What's the first symbol on your comment? To me, it's a box with E,3,2, and 8 in it :x

Hahaha I was praying it would rain yesterday because we were supposed to be running and we didnt ! :D

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meh, it rained last time we had the mile, we still had to run it and i got well under 6 :P


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fail at being a grammar nazi... grammar jew

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