I need advice, i like this girl who is also my good friend but i don't know if she likes me and I don't want to ruin the friendship byI telling her i like her what should I do? amirite?

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NEWSFLASH no one cares

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Plant roofies in her drink, rape her unconscious body, convince her she only fell asleep.

Dude this isn't the place
but go ahead and tell her .. Best option

ok say "if i asked you to go out would you say yes?"

Bro thats a tough situation you don't know if you're in the friend zone or the like zone if you like that much than you should tell her. Smart choice posting anonymously

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Tell her how you feel! Maybe she likes you back :) you never know

Ya gotta play her. I was in the same situation, but I told the girl, and I made myself too available. We want what we can't have, so flirt with her a little, give her hints, but don't tell her how you feel. Make her wonder just like you are wondering.

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