I wish everyone would quit bitching about people walking slowly in the hallway. Come on, of course getting my swag on is much more important that your arrival to class, amirite?

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I hate slow walkers.

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@I hate slow walkers.

They're up there in my pet peeves list.

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@I hate slow walkers.

Me too. Everytime I get stuck behind slow people I feel like I want to punch someone.

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Thank you.
What the fuck does it even mean?

@Ram27 Thank you. What the fuck does it even mean?

It's a slang word derived from swagger. Swagger originally meant the "air" about a person, or the way a person walked. Swag pretty much means the same thing, just ghettofied, and ignorantized.

My foot in your ass. That's what will happen if your 'swag' makes me late.

The importance of gettin' my swag on > the importance of you getting to class on time.

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