If you are having a tough time telling someone over texting, it breaks the tension when they say lol, amirite?

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I get what you mean, but at the same time that could get annoying..
Like what if you were having a hard time trying to tell someone you were raped and they just replied "lol"?

Telling someone what? And I don't think so. I only ever say 'lol' when I'm uncomfortable and don't know what else to say.

Well thats @886832 (kahleekat): thtast a good point but not really what i meant... I accidently made it sound like you were trying to tell them serious. (i worded it terribly) i meant like if you were trying to talk to someone and they had one word answers and then they said lol will one of them, the tension would seem lighter

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I always wonder how to reply when someone says "lol"

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