Chandler and Joey were the ultimate bromance. amirite?

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"Oh we're just hanging by the spoons. Ladle?"

portraitofyoungs avatar portraitofyoung Yeah You Are +6Reply

Chandler made me laugh the most on that show.

Pfft definitely John Micheal Dorian and Christoper Duncan Turk...what is wrong with you?

Bracelet buddies. Lmao.

O_os avatar O_o Yeah You Are +2Reply

Errr...corey matthews and shawn hunter anyone?

ah! came on here to say jd & turk, but seems like people beat me to it, which makes me happy :)

Barney and Ted.

Anonymous +1Reply

And they forever will be<3

cory and shawn.

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@cory and shawn.

omg boy meets world reference XD

Kiwimango9s avatar Kiwimango9 Yeah You Are +2Reply

yea especially since (im pretty sure) that term wasn't even used when that show first began.

GossipGirl1990s avatar GossipGirl1990 Yeah You Are 0Reply

nothing like JD and Turk.
Interracial rox my sox <3

I love Friends too, but Drake and Josh make the ultimate bromance.

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