Diamonds are kind like pieces of glass that have been cut into different shapes except they're more expensicve, amirite?

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No, the molecular structures are completely different. Glass is made of sand, which in turn is made up of ground up shells, which are carbon based. Although diamond is also carbon based, the shells have a simple molecular structure. Diamond on the other hand is what is known as a giant molecular structure. Basically, each atom is covalently bonded to another four atoms, and each of those is bonded to another four etc. Covalent bonds are immensely strong and are very hard to break, making diamond the hardest naturally occurring substance.
Diamond > glass.

What a good idea. I think I may use this to scam people. Oh wait... Damn! It's already been done... my plans have been foiled by the con-people of society.

Did you also know, that... DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER!!!!!.......

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