God? Pshhh, don't be stupid. An unknown entity didn't create the universe! Nothing exploded with nothing, creating hydrogen and helium. Those then combined and evolved, creating the other elements, which form the universe as we know it. That's far more realistic, amirite?

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It is, actually. You think a magic old man in the sky is more likely? One of my favorite quotes is "Where knowledge ends, religion begins". That means that whatever religious people don't know, they automatically assume it's god's work. Anything that's a little difficult to figure out, they give up and say that god did it,

Pshhh, scientific theory that says that once in billions of years, different substances reacted to make other substances. Then millions more years after, life was created on Earth? No, it was an invisible man in the sky who did so in 7 days.

There was definitely no sarcasm in that post. I am clearly some christian twat who thinks that God and the bible should dictate my life.

The post was to show that both theories of existence are flawed.

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Lol I love that most people can't get your sarcastic attitude.

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