You start talking to someone online that you've never met before and you think, this is probably some 50 year old who wants to molest me. The thing is, they probably think the same thing, amirite?

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I always assumed BreakfastFan is like 70

Everyone you talk to on the internet is a 50 year old rapist. Everyone.

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"My name is Said Firdavs Ahmadi Said Khedayatullah Ahmadi Oghli, but you can call me Freddy.

I'm 16."

You did.

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I bet you got your picture off of Google too.

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This happened in an episode of some show. But I don't remember what show. D:

Sad what the world has came to

Wait wait wait, so no one is actually fooled by my pretense that I'm a magical rodent with a laptop?

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